Who is Antonio?

Antonio ArmenioThe youngest of five siblings, I was born in 1968 in Adelaide, South Australia to Italian parents who emigrated to Australia in 1965. In those days people travelled long distances by ship and it took them 30 days to get to Australia from Italy. The name of the vessel which brought the Armenio family to Australia was “The Marcone”

When I think back to the days when I was growing up, I remember spending hours helping my mama in the kitchen preparing lunch and dinner, and the long, vocal mealtimes we had where enjoyment of the food was a real family occasion and a celebration.

My cuisine is inspired by my family’s Italian roots, which hail from the region of Puglia, in Southern Italy. However my biggest inspiration is my parents, Francesco and Anna Maria Armenio, who were born in Molfetta, Italy.

I think of Antonio’s as my home, and this passion is at the heart of the Antonio’s experience. I believe this passion comes bursting through on each and every dish I have created, making the Antonio’s dining experience a wonderful celebration of food and life … just like the Armenio family meals all those years ago.

‘Food is delicious, but cooking is all passion”- by Antonio Armenio